Moss Rock Wall Project

This Moss Rock wall project took a total of two weeks to complete. The home owner loves the finished project.

Moss Rock Wall with Flag Pole

Materials and plants installed:

3 dogwood Cherokee Prince/ 30 Winter Jasmine/ 60 Autumn Ferns/ 15 Oak Leaf Hydrangea/ 3 Adgo Grass/ 3 Pink Mully Grass/ 5 Little Bunny Grass/ 5 Day lilly Happy Return/ 6 Wheeler Dwarf Phittosprum/ 2 Nano Crypatermia/ 2 Gold Mops

Moss Rock Wall

Materials used:

120 Bails of Pine straw/ 30 bags of mortar/ 300 square feet of stone/ 2 yards of sand/ 300 feet of drip line for irragation / 3 large boulders that weight three thousand pounds/ 10 yards of top soil/ 1 27ft Flag pole/  That’s all the materials that I can remember … I’m sure there are few items I missing.

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