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Autumn Ferns and Hiding Your Water Hose

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Autumn Fern
This a great evergreen fern to use in landscaping it will tolerate some partial sun to full shade (No Hot Afternoon Sun).  The Autumn Fern will not spread and stays in clumps, growing to a maximum of 24 inches in height.  The new growth comes out Bronze in color then turns bright green.  Deep Roots Landscaping likes to use the Autumn Fern in our landscaping design.
Autumn Fern

Autumn Fern with new growth pictured below, it is bronze in color at first before turning bright green.

Autumn Fern New Growth

Hide Your Water Hose
I have seen the use of containers before to hide water hoses and garden tools and thought it has a great idea.  So why not try it.  I really like the way it works …  just you coil the water hose in a circle inside the container and pull out as much water hose as you need.  Yes, it still takes a little time to roll the hose up inside the container, but it gives the water hose a nice tasteful home around your landscaping (and I have yet to find a hose reel that really works well).

Hidden Water Hose

Confederate Jasmine – this is a great evergreen vine to use in your landscape.  It also has a small white flower that blooms once a year with a great fragrance, so it’s great planted by an entrance.  We used this vine to cover an old ugly wire dog fence that was about 6 feet tall.  It has taken five vines that we planted three years ago to cover about twenty square feet.  We used fertilizer and watered on a regular schedule to achieve this amount of growth.  It is not the fastest to grow but once established does very well.  This vine is great for mail boxes, arbors and trellis.

Confederate Jasmine

Green Giants Landscaping

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

3 Large “Thuja” Green Giants 15 ft tall 5″ wide -installed today

Green Giants Landscaping

Landscape and Hardscape for Birmingham Al. (Deep Roots LLC)

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
Birmingham Landscape

Birmingham Landscape

Call us to today to talk about our services in landscape, hardsacpe, annual beds, containers and ect.  Deep Roots LLC is ready to serve you and your needs in the greater Birmingham Al. areas.

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Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Jonathan Brown’s Post

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Dear Landscape Clients,

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call regarding your landscape, hardscape and installation

needs. I will be glad to personally help you decide what area in your yard you would like to begin with first. If it is from updating your landscape to repaving your patio, now would be the best time of year to do it. Give us a call at Deep Roots LLC we serve Birmingham

Alabama and the greater Birmingham Al. areas. My degree is in Forestry and I am dedicated to all the new landscape and hardscape techniques. I personally oversee each job ; as well as do most of the work myself, with my great crew. Please call me today.

Jonathan Brown – Owner