Swimming Pool Landscape

I call this swimming pool landscape because, … we filled in a swimming pool and created a new backyard, including the arbor with a locking gate and six foot dog ear fence.

Arbor with wooden fence and gate

The swimming pool below took 3 full days to pump all of the water out.  We had freezing weather so we could not pump at night without making an ice skating rink.  The pool was made from fiber glass, so we cut the pool into sections and disposed of the fiber glass.  Concrete slabs we used to fill the large hole, walkways  and a concert patio.  On top of the concert slabs we back filled with dirt.  It rained for about three days after the fill dirt was installed so we could see the soil settle and add more fill dirt.  The hardest part and most time consuming was removing the diving board … this took me a good 30 minutes with a excavator.

The rain was a big problem for this job … but the end result was worth it.  The pool was 35 ft long and 20 wide.

swimming pool conversion

We built a 30 ft by 25 ft deck out yellow wood to make a nice setting area to enjoy the new back yard. The stone around the deck was recycled from an old rock waterfall. The plants are Sweet Olive they produce a flower with a very nice sweet fragrance.  The Sweet Olive is a great shrub for you Birmingham landscaping.

Swimming Pool Gone

The sod installed is a variety called Zoro, which is a shade tolerant Zoysia grass.  Zoysia should do great in this backyard since it only gets 4 to 6 hours of filtered sun light. The Crepe myrtle trees were transplanted from another area of the yard. We recycled a lot of plants out of this yard.

Swimming Pool make over

We decided to do something different and use flagstone as the step instead of treated wood.

flagstone step

custom deck

When we started this job there was a concrete walkway that went to the pool and a concrete patio (14′ x 14′) next to the large Oak tree.  We took all this concrete material and used it to fill in the swimming pool hole. We replaced the concrete walkways with flagstone walkway steps.

back yard landscape

These flagstone steps work great in a pathway.  We decided to use the flagstone steps to cut down cost because this area is not used often. The flagstone steps are set in sand about 2 inches deep.

flagstone steps

We replaced the old pool with a new stone fire pit and flagstone patio.  The retaining wall is new as well.  We recycled the stone around the fire pit and the retaining wall from an old fountain and fish pond in the same area. This helped save the home owner a lot of money by not having to buy stone.  The three large rocks around the fire pit are used as benches or rock seat, they where recycled as well. We used a mortared flagstone patio designed for high traffic that connects to the back deck.

patio fireplace

We selected the fire pit location to be seen from the screened in porch. This area was designed to be a focal point and a common area for this one side of the backyard.  The fire pit has a concrete block structure and faced with natural stone.  The fire pit center is faced with fire brick and fire mortar to withstand the heat. There is also a flagstone cap at that goes around the fire pit.

flagstone fireplace

The fire pit is about 22 inches tall.  Designed so all the heat would not go just straight up but also out to the sides. The fire pit is five feet in diameter and the inside diameter is four feet, leaving a nice six inches for sitting when there is no fire.  The large boulders were placed in a half circle to almost give you a courtyard feel because the yard is so open. A person can be sitting on one of the large boulders and another person can still walk around the fire pit.

stone outdoor fire place

The picture below is taken from back porch leading to the flagstone patio with the fire pit. We recycled the mondo grass and placed it between the flagstone walkway and the retaining wall. This is great grass for this area because it is a evergreen, low maintenance and it is a shade lover.

flagstone and mondo grass


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